DCG Community User Guide

DCG Community User Guide

Joining the DCG Online Community

To interact with others on the Design for the Common Good website, you must sign up and create an account. You can register here.

When creating an account, you will need to choose a unique username/handle that other members can use to tag you in posts. You can choose anything, but it may be useful to use your name as your username/handle so others can find you more easily.

Your first name and username/handle will be public, but all other fields have privacy options that allow you to choose who is able to view your information.

If you are a member of one of the founding networks, you can indicate that by selecting the name of the organization from the dropdown menu under network. Otherwise, just leave that section blank.


By clicking on the profile tab, you can see what information is displayed to other users. To edit, add or remove information, click edit profile. If you would like to add a profile or cover photo, click the profile photo and cover photo tabs.

My Feed/Timeline

Your feed displays your most recent posts and updates, as well as the most recent posts and updates from your connections and people you follow.

When you visit someone else’s feed, you are viewing their most recent posts and updates.


To connect with another user, go to their profile and click connect. They will have the option to accept or reject your connection request, just as you may accept or reject a connection request from another user.

Once you are connected with someone, you will be able to exchange messages with one another. To send a message, navigate to their profile and click message. You can also send messages and view your inbox by clicking the messages icon in the upper right corner.

You may also follow a user rather than connect with them. This will add their updates to your feed, but you will not be able to exchange messages.


Groups allow users to discuss a particular topic in one location. Groups can be private, restricted to those who are permitted access or public, giving access to all who have signed up. If a group is private, you must be invited to join. For restricted groups, you must be invited or request access. Anyone can join a public group.

You can view your groups by clicking the groups tab, and you can view your group invitations by clicking invitations within the groups tab.

Email Invites

To invite others to join the DCG online community, click the email invites tab on your profile and enter the names and emails of those you want to invite. They will receive a registration link via email. You can customize the invitation email or leave the default message.


A notification is the alert you receive any time someone mentions your username/handle, replies to one of your posts or comments, responds to a connection or group membership request, invites you to a group, sends you a message and or includes you in some action.

You can view your notifications by clicking the bell-shaped notifications icon in the top right corner. On the top right of the notifications page, you can choose to view your unread notifications, your read notifications or select a more specific category from the drop-down menu.


On the top right corner of the site, you will see an inbox-shaped message icon and a bell-shaped notification icon.

By hovering over the message icon, you can see a preview of the recent messages other users have sent you. To view those messages in full and compose your own messages, click view inbox. You can only send messages to those you are connected with on the site.