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Dialogues & YouTube Channel Release

Design for the Common Good (DCG) announces the release of its brand-new YouTube Channel along with video content on its just-launched Dialogues web page! Featured content includes presentations from the 2022 Structures for Inclusion conference and a series of DCG Conversations recorded in conjunction with the Design for the Common Good International Exhibition. The publication of these 19 videos offers viewers the opportunity to learn about the practice of community-based public interest design through the voice of community members and leaders as well as the designers, architects, and planners they collaborate with. Presenters share projects from the exhibition and the stories behind how these works came to be, discussing their impacts on community through the lens of collective action.  The mission of DCG is to strengthen the confluence of forces needed to create healthy, resilient, and sustainable design projects that furthers positive change in the world. Stronger together, we promote systemic change in the practices of design with the intent of building on the common ground we share. Through our work we promote collaboration and seek partnerships that further the growth of the network. Learn more.

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